My heart, my life e-learning

The My heart, my life e-learning site is a resource to support nurses and other health professionals to provide patient education. It contains the key information all cardiac patients should receive prior to leaving hospital following an acute coronary syndrome or heart failure admission.

The first six modules bring together information from the “My heart, my life” book, and the “Six steps to cardiac recovery” conversation guide. The Heart Failure module includes key information from guidelines and patient heart failure resources.

Each module provides you with evidence based clinical information to increase your knowledge and confidence to have education discussions with your patients.

There are also tips on how to build education conversations into your workflow so that utilisation of time and resources are maximised.

Within each module there is the opportunity to test your knowledge using a quiz. Individual Continuing Professional Development  (CPD) can be documented using the certificate of completion associated with each quiz.



1 Diagnose 2 patient Risk 3 Cardiac Rehabilitation

4 Medication Adherence 5 Warning Signs medical follow-up

heart failure module