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The Heart Foundation’s ‘My heart, my life’ (MHML) booklet is an evidence-based education resource designed to provide cardiac patients with a better understanding of their condition and promote strategies for recovery and ongoing quality of life. 

This printed resource is provided to patients in hospital who have experienced a cardiac event, specifically an acute coronary event. SA Health funding has enabled the Heart Foundation (SA Division) to provide this resource to public and private South Australian hospitals, and since October 2014 to primary health care sites across South Australia, at no charge.

The Heart Foundation (SA Division), in collaboration with the South Australian Statewide Cardiac Clinical Network (SCCN), and supported by SA Health project funding, developed this e-Learning resource to provide nurses and other interested clinicians with access to information that is evidence-based and enables them to confidently discuss key areas of information and promote optimal cardiac patient recovery. 

It also provides clinicians with guidance on how this information can be shared with patients so that time and resources are maximised, and patients are provided with early support in their recovery and relevant healthy lifestyle modifications. 

All of the information on the site is subject to copyright protections and may not be used for commercial purposes without prior written consent of the Heart Foundation


In August 2013, the Heart Foundation (SA Division) facilitated a workshop for senior cardiac nursing clinicians and stakeholders to evaluate the use of the Heart Foundation’s ‘My heart, my life’ (MHML) resource, and to discuss recommendations for ongoing delivery of cardiac rehabilitation to hospital inpatients. A key issue that was identified was that cardiac rehabilitation and heart health education could be more comprehensively provided to patients at the bedside if nursing staff were further supported in their acquisition of knowledge. Furthermore, they noted that cardiac rehabilitation does not always have to be conducted by a cardiac rehabilitation nurse in a formal setting for it to be effective, and  patients are likely to benefit from early provision of heart health information (i.e. Phase 1 cardiac rehabilitation). It was resolved  that an online resource would be a useful, efficient and likely well received means to promote  knowledge, confidence and professional development of clinical staff in the delivery of phase 1 cardiac rehabilitation/education to patients, and that content could closely align with Heart Foundation MHML content.

Liaison with the Heart Foundation Victoria health team revealed similar goals and they have developed a ‘Six steps to cardiac recovery’ document’ - a resource to support cardiac nurses to engage with their patients on important recovery information and facilitate routine referral to a cardiac rehabilitation program. This resource was developed in response to strong demand from health services that guidance was needed in this area and a stated preference for a standardised approach across the hospital sector. 

The six e-Learning modules provided on this website bring together the Heart Foundation MHML patient resource and the “Six steps to cardiac recovery’ document.

Funding from SA Health has been secured to support this important project led by Heart Foundation SA to further enhance and maintain this online resource over this time. 

The Heart Foundation actively encourages all feedback on use of this site and the resources within it.

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